The Skolasajf 2023 applications for children were open between 22nd March and 3rd May 2023. Applications were submitted online via the portal

The Skolasajf service is delivered from State Primary Schools and from the 5 Resource Centres, around Malta and Gozo. It ran from Monday to Friday, between 12th July and 11th August 2023, and from 21st August till 7th September 2023. The service in mainstream schools was from 08:30 till 12:30 hours. An extended service for working parents was also offered in selected centres, from 07:00 till 08:30 and 12:30 till 17:30 hours.

The programme of activities implemented in the Skolasajf centres is always centred around a main theme. The theme chosen for 2023 was ‘Peace by Piece’. This slogan urges people to do their part, no matter how small, as all the individual ‘’pieces of peace’’ will build the peace that is so needed by everyone. Peace does not mean only not fighting. It is also ways how one can learn to be calm and appreciate others; how to take care of the natural environment to pass it on to future generations; how to be honest and not sow the seeds of discord among friends and colleagues; and being able to take morally good decisions that will have a positive impact on others around us. The collective of everyone will help to build a better and stronger society.

The work to make the Skolasajf service run smoothly starts in earnest from months before. In fact, February 2023 saw the opening of the Skolasajf Job Vacancies. Skolasajf workers are instrumental in the implementation of the Skolasajf Programme.

Logo Skolasajf 2023
Skolasajf Logo for 2023

Apart from the Programme Manual that brought to the attention of the Skolasajf 2023 participants, a number of sub-themes that helped to explore the main theme ‘Piece by Peace’, there were also a Sports and Games Programme, a series of outings, and a complimentary programme with external partners.

The main theme was complemented by the new Skolasajf logo, which was inspired by the winning design submitted by Amy Aquilina Castagno in the Skolasajf Logo Competition. The competition rewarded the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed entries with prizes from Copyclub Live and Heritage Malta.

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The following are the documents which have to be submitted to the Centre Coordinator during the Parents’ Meeting. The dates of the meetings will be communicated by the Centre Coordinator:

    • Signed copies of ID cards of both parents; and
    • Copies of ID cards of people authorised to pick up child/ren, signed by both parents

​​Where applicable:

    • Latest IEP report
    • Psychological Report
    • Proof of work of both parents if making use of extended hours

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The FES regards each child’s privacy as important and hence, FES will seek to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta. To this end, FES ensures that:
    • Personal data is processed fairly and according to Data Protection Act;
    • Data is processed with good practice;
    • The collected personal data has been collected for the specific, explicitly stated and legitimate purposes indicated;
    • The collected personal data will not be processed for any purpose that is incompatible with that for which the information has been collected;
    • The collected personal data will not be kept for a period longer than is necessary, having regard to the purposes for which it is processed.
  2. Personal data is processed fairly and according to Data Protection Act;
  3. Data is processed with good practice;
  4. The collected personal data has been collected for the specific, explicitly stated and legitimate purposes indicated;
  5. The collected personal data will not be processed for any purpose that is incompatible with that for which the information has been collected;
  6. The collected personal data will not be kept for a period longer than is necessary, having regard to the purposes for which it is processed.
  7. By submitting this form, the parent/guardian acknowledges that FES will have access to all the provided data and subsequently consent to such use;
  8. The cooling off period is till 30th June 2023. NO REFUNDS WILL BE AFFECTED AFTER 30TH JUNE.
  9. As parent/guardian you also declare that all the data provided is correct and up-to-date. In the eventuality that it results that the provided data is incorrect and/or not up-to-date, you as parent/guardian, shall be bound to shoulder all responsibility for any ensuing circumstances due to the same incorrectness and/or inaccuracy;
  10. Extra hours are 0.80c to the hour and NOT per hour. Therefore, if the child stays at the klabb beyond the booked hours, the parent is charged accordingly.
  11. Service users are given a 5 minute grace period over and above the booked hours. Hence, children being picked up 5 minutes after the booked hours will not be charged.
  12. In the extra hours service, service may be suspended if there is any negative balance in the child’s profile account. Service may be suspended until parents settle the payment and ensure that they have a positive balance in the child’s account.
  13. Money paid for booked hours of service but which are not utilised, can be carried forward if a) the centre coordinator is advised at least one day in advance that the child will not attend. If the coordinator is not informed at least one day before, the amount will be deducted according to the booked hours; b) If the child is sick a medical certificate has to be presented.
  14. The school nurse will only be available to deliver services between 09:00 hrs and 11:00 hrs every day. The service is for administration of medication taken by the child on a daily/regular basis. If there are any changes to the condition, the parents/ guardians are requested to inform FES Head Office;
  15. By submitting this application, you are giving your permission for the opportune first aid treatment to be administered to your child by qualified personnel. While understanding that you would be contacted by the centre’s personnel as soon as reasonably possible regarding any emergency involving your child, you are giving your permission for your child to be transported to hospital or any other emergency medical facility in the occurrence of a serious illness or injury, whereas ambulance or rescue squad members would be authorised to administer all necessary treatments. You are also giving your authorisation for warranted health practitioners to examine and provide the necessary emergency medical treatment to your child in your absence;
  16. Only the persons listed above as being authorised to pick up the child from Skolasajf will be allowed to do so. Additional persons or changes are to be communicated to the Centre Coordinator;
  17. In the case of children with a statement of needs, parents are requested to submit a copy of the Statementing Report, the Psychological Report, and the Individual Education Programme (IEP), to the Centre Coordinator. Failure to present such information may result in immediate termination of service without refund;
  18. Parents of children who exhibit continuous extreme challenging behaviour may be contacted and requested to attend to the needs of their child. Failure to do so may result in termination of service without refund;
  19. Children need to be fully toilet trained in order to be accepted in the Skolasajf Service. Should it result that children are not fully toilet trained, FES reserves every right to stop the child’s attendance without any refund being due. If the need arises, parents will be contacted and they will be required to go to the centre to attend to the needs of their child. If a child cannot use the toilet due to disability/ medical condition, proof in writing needs to be presented;
  20. The FES retains the right not to open any of the above-mentioned centres if they do not reach the required quota;
  21. If any of the above-mentioned Extended Hours centres exceed the centre’s quota and/ or capacity, a waiting list will be introduced and the same Terms and Conditions as Klabb 3-16 will apply. These can be accessed on
  22. The allocation of Child Support Workers (CSW) will be at the discretion of the FES.
  23. Service may be suspended if not all the necessary documents are submitted to the Centre Coordinator.
  24. Parents whose children attend the extended hours between 12:30 and 17:30 will be able to pick up their children between 12:30 and 13:00 at any time. After that children will be dismissed at staggered times, every half an hour. Between 17:00 and 17:30 children can be picked up at any time.

Hawn taħt ser issib dokumenti li jridu jiġu sottomessi lill-Koordinatur taċ-Ċentru waqt il-laqgħa tal-Ġenituri (Parents Meeting). Id-Dati ta’ din il-laqgħa ser jigu mogħtija mill-Koordinatur taċ-Ċentru:

    • Kopji tal-Karti tal-Identità taż-żewġ ġenituri iffirmati minnhom; u
    • Kopji tal-Karti tal-Identità ta’ nies awtorizzati li jiġbru it-tifel/tifla/tfal iffirmati miż-żewġ ġenituri

Fejn applikabli:

    • F’każ ta kustodja esklussiva, irid jiġi sottomess id-digriet mill-Qorti
    • L-aħħar rapport tal-IEP
    • Rapport moġħti mill-Bord Moderatur għall-Istatementing
    • Rapport Psikoloġiku
    • Prova li ż-żewġ ġenituri qegħdin jaħdmu f’każ illi ser isir użu mill-extended hours

Termini u Kundizzjonijiet:

      1. Għandha timtela formola ta’ reġistrazzjoni waħda għal kull tifel/tifla.
      2. L-FES tqis il-privatezza ta’ kull tifel u tifla bħala waħda importanti u għalhekk, il-FES se tfittex li tikkonforma mad-dispożizzjonijiet tal-Att dwar il-Protezzjoni tad-Data, Kapitolu 586 tal-Liġijiet ta’ Malta. Għal dan il-għan, il-FES tiżgura li:
        • l-informazzjoni personali tat-tfal hija pproċessata b’mod ġust u legali;
        • l-informazzjoni personali tat-tfal hija pproċessata bi prattika tajba;
        • l-informazzjoni personali ġiet miġbura għall-għanijiet speċifiċi, iddikjarati espliċitament u leġittimament;
        • l-informazzjoni personali miġbura ma tkunx ipproċessata għal ebda skop li jkun inkompatibbli ma’ dak li għalih tkun inġabret l-informazzjoni;
        • l-informazzjoni personali miġbura ma tinżammx għal perjodu itwal milli jkun meħtieġ, wara li jkunu kkunsidrati l-għanijiet li għalihom tkun ipproċessata.
      3. Billi tissottometti din il-formola, il-ġenitur/kustodju legali jirrikonoxxi li l-FES se jkollha aċċess għall-informazzjoni kollha pprovduta u sussegwentement tagħti l-kunsens tagħha għal dan l-użu.
      4. Il-perjodu ta ‘ preklużjoni huwa sat- 30 ta’ Ġunju 2023. L-ebda ħlas lura ma jiġi affettwat wara t-30 ta’ Ġunju.
      5. Bħala ġenitur/kustodju legali tiddikjara wkoll li l-informazzjoni kollha pprovduta hija korretta u aġġornata. Fil-każ li tirriżulta li l-informazzjoni provduta mhix korretta u/jew mhux aġġornata, inti bħala ġenitur/kustodju legali, għandha tkun marbuta li tassumi r-responsabbiltà kollha għal kwalunkwe ċirkostanza li tirriżulta minħabba l-istess inkorrettezza u/jew ineżattezza.
      6. Is-Servizz tas- sigħat estiżi huma 0.80c għall-eqreb siegħa u MHUX kull siegħa ta’ servizz.  Għalhekk, jekk it-tfal jibqgħu fil-klabb lil hinn mis-sigħat ibbukkjati, il-ġenitur jiġi mitlub iħallas kif xieraq.
      7. Ma jkunx hemm ħlas jekk il-ħin tas-servizz ma jinqabizx b’aktar minn 5 minuti mil-ħin ibbukjat.
      8. Is-servizz tas-sigħat estiżi jingħata biss meta jkun ġie offrut ħlas bil-quddiem għal dawn l-għanijiet. Jekk il-profil   tal-kont tat-tifel/la l-bilanċ ikun negattiv b’ €10, is-servizz jista jiġi sssuspendut sakemm jitħallas.
      9. Flus imħallsa għal sigħat ta’ servizz ibbukkjati iżda li ma jintużawx, jistgħu jiġu rimburżati jekk a) il-koordinatur taċ-ċentru jiġi nfurmat mill-inqas ġurnata bil-quddiem li t-tfal mhux ser jattendu. Jekk il-koordinatur ma jiġix infurmat mill-inqas ġurnata qabel, l-ammont jitnaqqas skont is-sigħat ibbukkjati; b) Jekk it-tfal ikunu morda, għandu jiġi ppreżentat ċertifikat mediku.
      10. L-infermier tal-iskola għandu jkun disponibbli biss biex jagħti servizzi bejn id-09:00 u l-11:00 kuljum. Is-servizz hu għall-amministrazzjoni tal-medikazzjoni meħuda mit-tifel/tifla kuljum/regolari. Jekk ikun hemm xi tibdil fil-kundizzjoni, il-ġenituri/kustodji legali huma mitluba jinfurmaw lill-Uffiċċju Prinċipali tal-FES.
      11. Billi tibgħat din l-applikazzjoni qed tagħti l-permess tiegħek għat-trattament opportun tal-ewwel għajnuna li għandu jingħata lil ibnek/bintek minn persuna kkwalifikata. Filwaqt li tifhem li inti tkun ġejt ikkuntattjat/a mill-koordinatur taċ-ċentru malajr kemm jista’ jkun rigward kwalunkwe emerġenza li tinvolvi lit-tifel/tifla tiegħek, int qed tagħti l-permess tiegħek biex it-tifel/tifla tiegħek tigi/jiġi ttrasportat/a l-isptar jew kwalunkwe faċilità medika oħra ta’ emerġenza fil-każ ta’ mard serju, korriment, fejn membri tal-iskwadra tal-ambulanza jew tas-salvataġġ ikunu awtorizzati jamministraw it-trattamenti kollha meħtieġa. Int qed tagħti wkoll l-awtorizzazzjoni tiegħek lil tobba li huma ġustifikati biex jeżaminaw u jipprovdu t-trattament mediku ta’ emerġenza meħtieġ lit-tifel/tifla tiegħek fin-nuqqas tiegħek.
      12. Il-persuni elenkati hawn fuq BISS huma awtorizzati li jiġbru lit-tifel/tifla minn Skolasajf. F’każ li tixtieq iżżid persuni jew tagħmel tibdil, għandhom jiġu kkomunikati lill-Koordinatur taċ-Ċentru.
      13. Fil-każ ta’ tfal b’dikjarazzjoni ta’ bżonnijiet, il-ġenituri jistgħu jintalbu jissottomettu kopja tal-Programm ta’ Edukazzjoni Individwali (IEP) lill-Koordinatur taċ-Ċentru. Nuqqas ta’ preżentazzjoni ta’ din l-informazzjoni jista’ jirriżulta fi tmiem immedjat tas-servizz mingħajr ebda ħlas lura.
      14. Ġenituri ta’ tfal li juru mġiba kontinwa ta’ sfida estrema jistgħu jiġu kkuntattjati u mitluba jattendu għall-ħtiġijiet tat-tfal tagħhom. Nuqqas ta’ dan jista’ jirriżulta fi tmiem tas-servizz mingħajr ebda ħlas lura.
      15. It-tfal iridu jkunu kompletament qatgħu il-ħarqa sabiex jiġu aċċettati fi Skolasajf. Jekk jirriżulta li t-tfal ma jkunux kompletament qatgħu il-ħarqa, il-FES tirriserva kull dritt li twaqqaf l-attendenza tat-tifel/tifla. Jekk tinqala’ l-ħtieġa, il-ġenituri jissejħu u jkunu meħtieġa jmorru fiċ-ċentru biex jattendu għall-bżonnijiet tat-tfal tagħhom. Jekk ghal xi raġuni it-tfal ma jkunux qatgħu l-ħarqa minħabba diżabilità/kundizzjoni medika, trid tiġi ppreżentata prova bil-miktub.
      16. Jekk xi wieħed miċ-ċentri msemmija hawn fuq ma jilħaqx il-kwota meħtieġa, il-FES iżomm id-dritt li ma tiftaħx iċ-ċentru.
      17. Jekk xi wieħed miċ-ċentri ta’ Sigħat Estiżi msemmija hawn fuq jaqbeż il-kwota taċ-ċentru, ser tiġi introdotta lista ta’ stennija u l-istess Termini u Kundizzjonijiet bħal Klabb 3-16 japplikaw. Dawn jistgħu jiġu aċċessati fuq 
      18. L-allokazzjoni Child Support Workers (CSW) se tkun fid-diskrezzjoni tal-FES.
      19. Is-servizz jista’ jiġi sospiż jekk mhux id-dokumenti kollha meħtieġa jiġu sottomessi lill-Koordinatur taċ-Ċentru.

What is Skolasajf?
Skolasajf is an 8 week programme for children between 3 and 16 years of age, offered during the summer holidays. The service is not offered on public holidays and weekends.

What are the Skola Sajf hours of operation?
The core hours are from 08:30hrs until 12:30hrs. These hours are available at all of our centres around Malta and Gozo. However, there are selected centres around the islands that offer extended hours of service for working parents only, between 07:00hrs – 08:30hrs, and 12:30hrs – 17:30hrs. The centres are listed on the application form. 

How will I know that the applications are available?
All Head of Schools within state primary schools are informed when the Skolasajf application opens via email. Parents/guardians are encouraged to visit the Foundation for Educational Services’ Facebook Page or website for regular updates. They may also access the application at the website.

How can I apply?
Interested parents/guardians can either apply through the online portal, at the One Stop Shop in Floriana and in all the hubs. 

Is there a break during Santa Maria’s week?
Skolasajf will be closed throughout Santa Maria week, that is 14th to 18th August.

My child has an LSE during the scholastic year. Can I still apply?
Yes. Skolasajf is an inclusive summer school. FES provides the service of a child support worker (CSW), who will assist to the child’s individual needs. The service of a child support worker is against the Statementing Report Number at application level and the presentation of the Statementing Report, the Individual Educational Programme (IEP) and the Psychological Report. A copy of such documents is to be handed to the centre coordinator. The allocation of Child Support Workers (CSW) will be at the discretion of FES. Every case will be taken into consideration individually. 

How do I inform you that my child needs a CSW?
The Statementing Board Report Number needs to be written down on the application form. Failure to do so may result in the child not being allocated a CSW and/ or termination of service. All the necessary documents will need to be presented to the Centre Coordinator at the start of service.  

When and how shall I submit the requested documents?
The documents which are listed on the registration form are to be submitted to the Centre Coordinator either via email or at the centre. The Centre Coordinator will inform the parents via email how the documents are to be submitted. 

When parents’ meeting is to be held?
Every centre holds various parents’ meetings according to the centre’s capacity. Dates of meetings will be communicated by the centre coordinator via email. Parents’ meetings are held either via an online platform such as Teams or in the school hall. Parents are encouraged to attend to such meetings.

Do I have to provide stationery items for my child?
FES provides the vast majority of resources needed to carry out the activities at the centres. However, with encourage children to bring their own pencil case and colours ( ie the ones they use at school). At the beginning, the centres also issue a list that includes (but not limited to) a kitchen roll, a packet of wipes, tissues, and a large bottle of water and recyclable items to reuse in the activities.

What is the dress code for Skolasajf?
Children are to wear light casual clothes, and closed shoes such as a running shoes which is not slippery for safety purposes.  

Is the fee refundable?
There is a cooling off period till 30th June 2023. No refunds will be affected after 30th June

Are there any other fees?
If you book your child/ren for extended hours of service. The service is offered to working parents only, and the fee is of €0.80 to the hour.

Can I apply in two centres?
Children cannot be registered in more than one centre. However, parents can ask for a transfer. It is at the discretion of the centre whether such transfer can be affected or not. We recommend  that children are enrolled in one centre since we believe that children benefit more if a good relationship with the staff and other children in their centre is established for the whole eight weeks of the Skolasajf programme.

How are children grouped?
Children are grouped according to the date of birth.  For smaller centres, children are grouped up to a maximum of two (2) years per class.

What activities will my child/ren be doing?
Children attending the Skolasajf programme engage in a structured programme of activities that range from arts and crafts, games and sports, amateur dramatics, storytelling and singing, and cookery. Such activities are based on the current Skolasjf theme.  There are also a number of educational activities, organised in collaboration with a number of stakeholders. Each activity is tailored according to the age group of the children. All activities will be according to the COVID-19 guidlines in force at the time.

What is the theme for Skolasajf 2023?
The theme for Skolasajf 2023 is ‘Peace by Piece’

Can the remaining balance of payment made during Klabb 3-16 in winter be carried forward to Skolasajf?
The remaining balance cannot be used to pay for the registration fee of Skolasajf. However,  it can be used during the extra hours of service in the afternoon. 

Does Skolasajf organise transport?
The FES organises transport through MEYR for children attending Resource Centres.
In case of mainstream centres which do not reach the required quota, FES retains the right not to open the centre. In such case, should the parents require the service, transport is organised to another centre, as communicated by FES.

When will I know when FES decides which centres will not open for Skolasajf?
The FES decides which centres will not open for Skolasajf based on the number of registrations received for each centre. Parents will be notified of such decision after the closing date of the registrations.

Will Skolasajf have staggered times?
Staggered times will be in place during the afternoon extended hours. Children can be picked up at any time till 13:00. Following 13:00, children can be picked up at 30 minutes intervals till 17:00. Between 17:00 and 17:30 children can be picked up at any time.

General Questions:
What is the duration of Skola Sajf?
Skolasajf for the children will start on the 12th of July till the 7th of September 2023. The contract for Skolasajf for staff begins from the 3rd of July since training will be signed for throughout that week. On the 11th of July, all staff are expected to attend at the school they will be working in from 8:30 am till 12:30 pm for further training and preparation. Staff are also given the opportunity to start working as early as from June, and also throughout the bridge holidays from the 11th till the 22nd of September.

Skolasajf Centres:
In which centres will Skolasajf be offered?
We will be opening around 50 centres in total around Malta and Gozo and another 5 Resource Centre. More information regarding the locations will be given at a later stage.

Resource Centres:
Resource Centres will be opening five (5) times a week from 8:00 – 15:00 (including travelling time through transport supervision)

What happens if I am not available to work five (5) times a week in resource centres?
We suggest you apply just the same and send an email on with your available days. You will be offered the role of a reliever. Such role would entail working only in the afternoon, from 12:30 onwards and occasionally be rostered to work in the morning to replace staff that are on leave.

Vacancies with FES for Skolasajf Questions:
I never worked with FES. How will I know which job is right for me?
You can refer to these videos for an explanation of what the job is about:
Interview with a Regional Coordinator – Click Here
Interview with a Centre Coordinator – Click Here
Interview with a Playworker – Click Here
Interview with a Child Support Worker – Click Here
Interview with a Sports Playworker – Click Here 

Where can I get more detailed information regarding job descriptions and salary for every role?
For more information, visit our recruitment page on and click on the role you are interested in working in. 

Application and Recruitment Process Questions 

Where do I apply?
You can apply through our recruitment page on this link:

What documents do I need?
Each role requires different levels of qualifications and documents, however for every role you need the police conduct, reference letter or proof that you worked with FES in Skolasajf 2022.

What happens if by the end of the deadline I do not have the documents?
We encourage to apply just the same and send the missing documents once you have them to

How old do I have to be to apply?
Age depends on the role you are applying for. Generally, all employees need to be 17 years of age by the beginning of Skolasajf.

What about training?
All staff will be expected to attend training organised by IfE. Only staff that work in a school full-time full-time (educational role), have a formal qualification in Education or are studying for a formal qualification in Education can be exempted from the training.
More information about the training, such as payment, remuneration, duration and location will be given by IfE.

I cannot work from the beginning of Skolasajf? Can I still apply?
We suggest that you apply just the same and send an email to with your details and the dates that you cannot work. However kindly keep in mind that placements are first given to those who can work the full eight weeks.
Moreover, we will be issuing a late call for those applicants who will be interested to work the last 4 weeks of Skola Sajf.

I wish to apply for Skola Sajf, however I will be going abroad for two weeks in mid-Summer? Can I still apply from now?
We don’t suggest that you apply from now, once you return back from your trip, you may apply if the Skola Sajf calls are still open. 

How will I know that I have been chosen?
You will first receive an email with the result and ranking obtained in the interview. Following this you will receive a placement by email and once you accept the placement, you will be sent the contract.

What if I do not like the location where I am placed?
Should you decide that you want an alternative placement you need to send an email to reply to the email sent to you with a list of preferred localities. By doing so you would have lost the placement given to you. However kindly keep in mind that placements are done according to ranking and according to the needs of the centre.

Conditions of Work Questions 

How many hours of Vacation leave do I have?
Leave accumulates pro-rata according to the hours worked. However, if you work through all the core hours for the full eight weeks there will be an average of 16 hours of leave entitlement.

How many sick leave days I am entitled to?
Sick leave like Vacation leave is pro-rata and accumulates depending on the number of hours worked. 

What is the sick leave procedure?
If you are sick and cannot report to work, it is important to email or call the centre coordinator informing him/her of the matter as early as possible, so that the centre coordinator would be in time to do alternative arrangements. You are also to send an email to the HR Department on informing them of your sickness and of the address where you will be staying during your sickness. It is important to submit a blue medical certificate on your return to work to the centre coordinator / PER. The FES reserves the right to send the doctor to any sick employee. If the employee is not at home s/he has to provide proof that at the time the employee was at the doctor. If no proof is provided, the sick leave will not be paid.

Is it possible to resign from the contract during Skolasajf?
You are bound by a definite contract of eight weeks. Ideally you work all of it since if you resign, it will negatively affect the operations of the centre.  Should you still require resigning, kindly note that you need to provide one week notice, so to give enough time for a replacement to be found. 

Can I work only in the afternoon?
Some of our centres do offer service from 12:30 pm till 17:30 pm. In this case we suggest you apply through the normal call and email us on and we will discuss with you a way forward.