Course for prospective Playworkers with Extra Responsibilities (PER)

Course Description
This is a short programme consisting of five modules, with an overall assessment which will define the ranking for the Playworker with Extra Responsibilities (PER) position during the Klabb 3-16 and Skolasajf centres

One of the fundamental roles within FES is that of the Playworker with extra Responsibilities. The person in this role assists the Centre Coordinator, and in the absence of the Centre Coordinator, even replaces him/her, especially during the Skolasajf afterhours service (12:30 till 17:30).  Candidates for this role need to be able to deal with the required administrative and clerical tasks, customer care needs, and also help in the operations of the centre on a daily basis.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates who are marked as eligible for the post of PER, will automatically be included to attend the PER Course. At the end of the course the candidates will be sitting for an online written interview, the marks of which will determine ranking and placement. Only those candidates who have carried out the course and eventually the interview will be entitled to sign the PER contract of employment.

Overall Objectives and Outcomes
By the end of this course, the learner will have acquired the following:

1. Effective communication
2. Conflict resolution
3. Plan strategically
4. Assess, mentor, and guide staff in their performance


1. Knowledge of FES Policies and SOPs
2. Knowledge of the daily operations of the centre
3. Knowledge of the application and eligibility process

1. Maintain a good and effective relationship with the relevant stakeholders
2. Manage conflict between staff
3. Supervise children and staff
4. Handle the FES Portal and managing clients’ accounts
5. Oversee the daily operation of the centre

Course Schedule
The course will take an average of 10 hours and will be held online. 

Prospective Playworkers with Extra Responsibilities Course Poster

Sessions planned are as follows: –

Session 1: A general introduction on FES
Session 2: The financial and corporate side of running a centre
Session 3: Understanding the programme component
Session 4: Understanding the daily operations at the centre
Session 5: Training on the FES Portal

The sessions will cover the following topics:-

  • The organisational structure of  FES
  • Employee matters
  • Understanding the daily operations of the centre
  • Communicating with the relevant stakeholders within the service and in the community
  • The implementation of the programme
  • Administration of the physical resources
  • Timesheets and payroll

Mode of Delivery
This course is delivered face-to-face at our Head Office in Qormi.

Assessment Method
All sessions must be attended. Attendance will be taken for every session. All candidates will have to sit for a test at the end of the course. To successfully complete the course, candidates have to get at least a 50% pass mark. The duration of the course will be paid for upon the appointment of the candidate in the role of PER within the Foundation.

Certification Upon successful completion of this programme, course participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance that makes them eligible to be employed as PERs with FES. This certificate will be valid for three years.