Klabb 3-16


Klabb 3-16 is a national programme catering for learners during after school hours. It is an after school service which runs between school dismissal time and 18:00 hours, subject to demand.

The service provided by Klabb 3-16, is also extended to offer service users an educational experience during school holidays. Only those service users whose parents/guardians are in employment or following a registered course are eligible to apply for the service during school holidays. During this period the service is offered from 07:00 hrs till 17:30 hours subject to the booking form issued by Head Office and demand for service.

This programme is offered in a number of schools around Malta and Gozo, so as to meet the needs of the families. The FES Klabb 3-16 Centres aim to create an environment for all service users which:
  • is immediately welcoming through warm, positive interaction between members of staff, service users, parents/guardians and visitors;
  • fosters a genuine sense of caring, security and well being;
  • encourages each service user to continue his/her journey of development and learning experience;

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  • ensures that the service user’s physical necessities of health, safety, nutrition and quality care are protected through adherence to FES policies and procedures and common sense;
  • identifies the needs of the service users and their parents/guardians, and supports the family unity through responsive communication and programmes.
The programme consists of activities such as arts and crafts, drama and storytelling, physical education and games, cookery sessions, science experiments, activities related to technology, educational talks and workshops that are linked to monthly themes. Klabb 3-16 also offers a safe environment for children to do their homework. Qualified tutors, in possession of a teaching warrant, assist children in their homework and other academic work.
  1. FES regards each child’s privacy as important and hence, FES will seek to comply with the provisions of the GDPR, Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta. To this end, FES ensures that:
  • Personal data is processed fairly and lawfully;
  • Personal data is processed with good practice;
  • The collected personal data has been so collected for the specific, explicitly stated and legitimate purposes indicated;
  • The collected personal data will not be processed for any purpose that is incompatible with that for which the information has been collected;
  • The collected personal data will not be kept for a period of four months that the service is terminated by the client, having regard to the purposes for which it is processed.
  • Personnel managing this data is bound with confidentiality.

    2. By submitting this form, the parent/guardian acknowledges that FES will have access to all the provided data and subsequently consent to such use.

    3. As parent / guardian you also declare that all the data provided is correct and up-to-date. In the eventuality that it results that the provided data is incorrect and/or not up-to-date, you as parent/guardian, will be bound to shoulder all responsibility for any ensuing circumstances due to the same incorrectness and/or inaccuracy. Service may be terminated;

    4. The Service will only be delivered when advance payment has been affected for such purposes. FES reserves the right to refuse a service to those who have not advanced the relative payment.

    5. Service is charged per use to the quarter of an hour, this being any quarter of an hour, or part thereof. Extra hours are charged at the rate of Eur 0.20c per quarter of an hour, or part thereof, and hence, if the child stays at the Klabb beyond the booked hours, parents will be charged accordingly.

    6. The starting time of the service on the application is only an indication. Service might start before due to the staggered dismissal at the schools.

    7. By submitting this application, you are giving your permission for the opportune First Aid treatment to be administered to your child by qualified personnel. While understanding that you would be contacted by the centre’s personnel as soon as reasonably possible, in the case of any emergency involving your child, you are giving your permission for your child to be transported to hospital or any other emergency medical facility, in the occurrence of a serious illness or injury, whereas ambulance or rescue squad members would be authorised to administer all necessary treatments. You are also giving your authorisation for warranted health practitioners to examine and provide the necessary emergency medical treatment to your child in your absence.

    8. Only the persons listed above as being authorised to pick up the child from Klabb 3-16 will be allowed to do so. Additional persons or changes are to be communicated to the Centre Coordinator.

    9. In the case of children with a statement of needs, parents may be requested to submit a copy of the Statementing Report, the Psychological Report, and the Individual Education Programme (IEP), to the Centre Coordinator. Failure to present such information may result in immediate termination of service without refund.

    10. In the case of children who exhibit continuous extreme challenging behaviour, the parents may be contacted and requested to attend to the needs of their child. Failure to do so may result in termination of service without refund.

    11. Children need to be fully toilet trained in order to be accepted in the Klabb 3-16 Service. Should it result that children are not fully toilet trained, FES reserves every right to stop the child’s attendance without any refund being due. If the need arises, parents will be contacted and they will be required to go to the centre to attend to the needs of their child. If a child can not use the toilet due to disability/medical condition, proof in writing needs to be presented.

    12. Money paid for booked hours of service but which are not utilised, can be carried forward if (a) the centre coordinator is advised at least one day in advance that the child will not attend. If the coordinator is not informed at least one day before, will still be deducted the amount due; (b) if the child is sick and a medical certificate is presented.

    13. Refunds for the extended hours will only be affected if the centre coordinator is informed at least one week in advance.

    14. FES will take full responsibility of the children’s care while using Klabb 3-16, however, FES will not tolerate parents/legal guardians who leave their children at Klabb 3-16 after the end of service. This can lead to termination of service.

    15. Transport is provided from the state school where Klabb 3-16 service is not available, subject to route availability; pick-up from Klabb 3-16 is the responsibility of the parent/s/guardian/s. Transport is a one way service.

    16. Transport users need to inform 3 days in advance if the transport service is not needed on a particular day by sending an email to the respective centre Coordinator.

    17. If any of the Klabb 3-16 centres do not reach the required quota, FES retains the right not to open them.

    18. If any of the above-mentioned centres exceed the centre’s capacity, a waiting list will be introduced and the same Terms and Conditions will apply.

    19. The allocation of Child Support Workers (CSW) will be at the discretion of FES.

    20. Service may be suspended if not all the necessary documents are submitted to the Centre Coordinator.

    21. Service may be suspended if there is a negative balance of €10 or more in the child’s profile account. Service may be suspended until parents settle the payment and ensure that they have a positive balance on the child’s account.

    22. I understand and acknowledge it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian to make full disclosure to the administrators of the Klabb 3-16 service of any special circumstances and/or particular needs which may affect the ability of my child/ren to participate in the programme.

    23. The FES, apart from deeming each child’s privacy as crucial, seeks to be adherent to the provisions of Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta at all times. To this end, FES informs that all service users’ data may be disclosed to third parties, including, but not limited to, departments that are directly associated with child protection matters, relative stakeholders, medical bodies, and/or other bodies. At certain points, it may be necessary to disclose information in order to comply with any legal obligations. The FES takes all reasonable steps as required by law in order to ensure the safety, privacy and integrity of the disclosed information, and, where necessary and appropriate, enter into contracts with such third parties to fully protect the privacy and integrity of any information supplied.

    24. Parents/guardians/custodians are bound to inform the Centre Coordinator of any change which should be made to their personal data, and this to ensure that the individual’s data is accurate, complete and up to date.

    25. Minimum Attendance: Service Users are required to make use of the Klabb 3-16 service for at least once a week in order to secure their place. Applications of service users who do not make use of the service on a weekly basis will be declined.

    26. Klabb 3-16 service is offered on a first come first served basis, a waiting list will be kept for those centres which reach its full capacity.

    27. FES Klabb 3-16 centres will open subject to the demand. The FES retains the right not to open any of the above-mentioned centres if they do not reach the required quota.

    28. During the scholastic days, children can be picked up from the service at 30-minute intervals. Parents are allowed to pick up the children at any time till 15:00. After that, children will be dismissed at staggered times every half an hour. Between 17:00 and 18:00 children can be picked up at any time. During the holidays, parents are allowed to pick up children at 30-minute intervals between 12:00 and 17:00. From 17:00 till 17:30, children can be picked up at any time.