child support worker course

FES offers a Course for Child Support Workers, in conjunction with the Institute for Education. The aim of the course is to address the role of the Child Support Worker within the services offered by FES, and prepare prospective applicants for the different scenarios faced within the centres.

These workers will be required to work a minimum of three shifts during Klabb 3-16 from October till June. 

The course will be delivered by a number of professionals in the field of Inclusive Education and will cover the following topics:

  • Creating an Inclusive Culture in the Classroom
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
  • Support Procedures and Documentation
  • Supporting children with Individual Educational Needs
  • Communication Skills and Teamwork.  
  • Dealing with Children’s Difficulties in Communication
  • Supporting Children’s Participation in daily life through Sensory  Processing Knowledge

This course is  open for playworkers who want to work as Child Support Workers, and who have  6 months experience as playworkers  with FES and / or have worked as Child Support Workers during Skolasajf.

Those that have been selected to work during Skolasajf 2021 as Child Support Workers will be considered for the course subject to availability. 

The course, spread over two weeks, will be in preparation for the launch of the CSW service during the Klabb 3-16 service during scholastic year 2020/2021. Venue for lectures are usually held at FES Head Office, Zentrum, Mdina Road, Qormi, however, due to the current pandemic situation, all lectures are held online

For further information about the course, or for queries about the contents and eligibility, one can send an email on or click here