The Zejtun Skolasajf 2022 Creative Project

Since 2018, the Skolasajf Zejtun centre has been embarking on a communal project of creating a mural depicting the Skolasajf logo. This year, the project took a different yet just as creative approach. The main objective was to transform the main external gate, used both during the scholastic year, and also during the Klabb 3-16 and Skolasajf services. The transformation was to turn a plain iron gate, into a colourful entrance that beckons students to enter the school.

Various members of the staff and students gave a helping hand to create this mural. Ms Rosette Baldacchino was the mastermind behind the project from its initial phase, starting with the sketch and original design. Ms Sarah Vella and Ms Marija Cutajar then joined Ms Rosette to paint the images on the gate, and assisted the children with their individual contributions.
The project involved seven different steps. It all started with the peeling off of the old green paint with the use of paint remover and a grinder, and then the application of the undercoat paint. The next step was to sketch the layout of the different pieces of the artwork, and then the painting of the images using acrylic paint. The next step involved working on the inspirational quote to enrich the depth of meaning that lie within each component of the composite image. To finish off, certain details of the artwork were refined, before applying the clear acrylic spray sealer.

Each of the several components of the artwork has a particular meaning. The caterpillar, for instance, represents the Kindergarten 1 students. The students, like the caterpillar, go through a process of metamorphosis as they proceed through their learning journey. As they move to the Primary School, they evolve and transform themselves into a beautiful and colourful butterflies.

The butterflies represent the students, starting from Kindergarten 2 till Year 6. The last butterfly is partly out of the picture, because it represents the transition of the students from the Primary to the Secondary School. As for the colourful strings, these represent the seven continents of the world. The Zejtun Primary School is enriched with the multicultural background of students from different countries. This leads to a celebration of diversity, which involves building bridges and breaking walls. The fact that the strings are sometimes entangled, represents the obstacles that the students might need to face throughout their educational journey. These are overcome with the students’ own determination, and the help and guidance of their educators.
The shining sun metaphorically represents the positivity, joy, life, and energy of the students. On the other hand, the clouds represent the fact that, like in every other journey, the students face different struggles along their path. These struggles strengthen them as they learn how to  solve problems and find solutions. 

The artwork is branded with three emblems at the top left corner. The emblem at the top represents the Żejtun Primary School as part of St Thomas More College. The emblem in the middle represents the Foundation for Educational Services, which provides the Klabb 3-16 and Skolasajf service. The third emblem at the bottom represents the city of Żejtun. Last but not least, the image is brought all together with the depiction of two students. The students are the main protagonists and at the centre of their own learning journey. The students can be seen opening the curtain, wondering what their future holds.

Although the gate is there to set a boundary between the world outside and inside the school, this project serves as a reminder that each child’s educational journey also continues beyond the school premises. While one of main objectives of education is that of transforming the students into active and responsible citizens of the society they live in, it is also the duty of the community to take care of the children in their midst.

The whole transformation was captured in a short video, which can be accessed here.