Opening of the Skolasajf 2022 Applications

Applications for this year’s edition of Skolasajf, will open on March 23, 2022. The theme for this year will be ‘Earth Heroes, Unite!’, which represents a call for everyone to unite to work in favour of the environment. This was announced during a press conference by the Minister for Education and Sport Dr Clifton Grima, which was held at the Pembroke Primary School. 

Minister Grima was welcomed at the school by the students with a speech and a song. Dr Grima referred to the caring and nurturing environment that was palpable in the school, which was the right catalyst to help the students grow and develop into young adults. He thanked FES for its services and for the synergy with the colleges, producing a cooperation that helped the whole family in the growth and upbringing of the children. Minister Grima described the FES services as an extension and a continuation of formal schooling and a quality education for all students, championed through the ongoing commitment of FES employees.

Skolasajf 2022 will operate from 11th July to 2nd September 2022. The Chairperson of the Foundation for Educational Services, Ms Pamela Schembri, referred to the ongoing commitment of FES to deliver the Skolasajf service, in spite of the problems posed by the pandemic in the last couple of years. This year the number of registrations is expected to continue to increase over last year, as parents continued to manifest the need for this service. Last year there were almost 8,300 applications, which showed the confidence in the service given in 2020, where all the possible safety measures were taken to provide a safe environment that protects the health of children and workers within hazards posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The FES CEO Mr Michael Bondin said that the applications are going to be open as from 23rd March till 2nd May 2022. Applications will be accepted online at, as well as in the hubs. Mr Bondin highlighted that the online system facilitates the application process, where one can choose the location of the preferred centre. In fact, last year the service was offered in 58 localities in Malta and Gozo. An extended service will also be offered in about 34 centres, with service being offered to working parents, before and after the core programme. 

The service is also provided at five Resource Centres, which are attended by students with disabilities. This year, for the first time, the service in these centres will be offered five days a week, instead of over a 3-day period as was offered in the past years. This is another step to offer a better service and that also makes it more possible for parents to manage their work commitments. 

To provide these services, FES employs around 2000 staff, including Centre Coordinators, Playworkers and Child Support Workers, among others. Applications for these posts are currently open and one can apply at

The event was attended also by the College Principal Mr Jonathan Attard, the Head of School Ms Alexandra Farrugia. Mr Attard referred to the collaboration that exists between the schools and FES, as FES offers its services to the same students of each school. He recalled last year’s Skolasajf theme, ‘An I in Every Winner’, and how it was a motivational slogan that was carried on in the students’ heart in the following scholastic year. Mr Attard augured that this year’s theme, ‘Earth Heroes Unite!’, will replicate the same inspirational feeling for a collective effort for the benefit of all. 

The logo for Skolasajf 2022 was also launched during the event. The logo is based on the winning design submitted by a 9-year-old student, Naielle Formosa Cumbo who attends the Imsida Primary School. The winner was presented with her prize by Minister Clifton Grima. The prizes for Skolasajf were kindly sponsored by Copyclub Live

Children attending the Skolasajf service, benefit from a program of informal educational activities. This year’s theme, Earth Heroes, Unite!, is an invitation to join forces for a healthy environment and society.