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(Deadline: 30th April 2020)

(Deadline: 30th April 2020)​

Klabb 3-16:

(Deadline: 13th April 2020)

(Deadline: 13th April 2020)

(Deadline: 13th April 2020)

Calls - Skolasajf:

(Deadline: 6th April 2020)​​​

Playworker - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

Child Support Worker Malta - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

Centre Coordinators - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

Sports Playworkers - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

Playworkers with Extra Responsibilities - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

(Deadline for all the Skolasajf Malta calls: 6th April 2020)

Resource Centres - Malta:

Centre Coordinator Resource Centre - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

Child Support Workers Resource Centres - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)​

Playworkers with Extra Responsibilities Resource Centre - Skolasajf 2020 (2nd Call Malta)

(Deadline for all the Skolasajf Resource Centres Malta calls: 6th April 2020)


Internal Calls (ONLY for FES employees) click here​.