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  SkolaSajf Logo 2022-01-min.png
Skolasajf 2022 will operate from 11th July to 2nd September 2022. This year, the main theme for Skolasajf will be governed by the slogan ‘Earth Heroes,Unite!’’. It is an invitation to everyone to join forces for a healthy environment and society. It is also an opportunity to inspire children to be citizens who care about their community and the environment that they live in. 

The Skolasajf 2022 applications are going to be open between 23rd March and 2nd May 2022. Applications will be accepted online at, as well as in the hubs. The online system facilitates the application process, where one can choose the location of the preferred centre and make an online payment. 

The Skolasajf service will be given from State Primary Schools and from the 5 Resource Centres, around Malta and Gozo. It will run for eight weeks from Monday to Friday. The service in mainstream schools will be from 08:30 till 12:30 hours. An extended service for working parents will also be offered in selected centres, from 07:00 till 08:30 and 12:30 till 17:30 hours. 

Group photo.jpg 

This year, for the first time, the service in the Resource Centres will be offered five days a week, instead of over a 3-day period as was offered in the past years. This is another step to offer a better service and that also makes it more possible for parents to manage their work commitments.

The work to make the Skolasajf service run smoothly starts in earnest from months before. In fact, February 2022 saw the opening of the Skolasajf Job Vacancies. Calls are in fact still open, and applications can be submitted online at 

Skolasajf workers are instrumental in the implementation of the Skolasajf Programme. The activities as presented in the Programme Manual bring to the attention of the Skolasajf 2022 participants, a number of sub-themes that help to explore the main theme ‘Earth Heroes, Unite!’.​ 

The main theme is complemented by the new Skolasajf logo, which was inspired by the winning design submitted by Naielle Formosa Cumbo in the Skolasajf Logo Competition. The competition rewarded the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed entries with prizes from Copyclub Live.

Naielle Formosa Cumbo with Minister.jpg

Naielle Formosa Cumbo, winner of Skolasajf 2022 Logo Compeition with Minister for ​Education and Sport, Onor Dr Clifton Grima​