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Training for Child Care Centres Employees

​Well informed and qualified staff is one of the hallmarks of the quality childcare service that make the Foundation for Educational Services (FES) the flagship bearer in the sector. As part of its ongoing commitment to continuous professional development of its workforce, the Foundation started November 2018 with another full day seminar for all the Childcare Centre Coordinators and Assistants.

​The seminar, titled ‘Maximising Playtime Potential’, focused on the well being of the child from the intellectual, physical and emotional point of view. A happy and healthy child benefits most from his playtime experiences, which allow him to learn and develop into his full potential.

he audience was greeted by the FES Chief Executive Mr Dermot Galea, who spoke about the importance of training to supplement and maintain the high level of standard offered to the service users. The Head of Programmes Mr David Chircop then introduced the topic of the day, by referring to the need to be observant of a child’s needs and interests to offer the best care possible.​​

The speakers on the day were Ms Anna Baldacchino from Early Childhood Development Association of Malta (EDCAM), Ms Catherine Xuereb from FES, and Mr Steve Libreri from the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS).

Ms Anna Badacchino addressed the characteristics of a holistic observation and its benefits, both to the child and to the professional carer. It allows the childcare assistant to provide a more enabling environment for the children, with activities that stimulate their interests and senses, and asses their progress by focusing on their milestones.  

‘Quality Interaction with Babies and Toddlers’ was discussed in the second part of the seminar. Ms Catherine Xuereb focused on the relationship between non-verbal and verbal communication in the linguistic acquisition in the early years of a child’s development. Other related issues included bilingualism, code switching, and specific language disorders.  

The final part of the seminar was delivered by Mr Steve Libreri, who discussed how childcare professionals may recognise child abuse. Behavioural and physical symptoms were highlighted as a means how one may identify such episodes, the duty to report abuse, and the process to follow in such an occurrence.
The seminar was concluded by the FES Head of Programmes, who pledged the Foundation’s commitment to continue providing professional training. All staff members were awarded a certificate of attendance for the day.