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Outdoor Learning in Practice

The Foundation for Educational Services believes in the holistic development of children, and strives to provide a quality service to all children attending its childcare centres. All FES childcare centres boast of spacious indoor and outdoor play areas where children may reap the benefits of play – benefits which are well documented in the literature.​ 

FES has invested heavily in spacious outdoor environments that are the perfect space for infants and toddlers to explore, gain information and experiment. Being outdoors, provides fun experiences that are important for the children’s development.

Encouraging outdoor play in young children helps develop a healthy attitude about maintaining an active adult lifestyle. Exposure to sunlight improves moods and strengthens immune systems. Learning opportunities which are normally considered as indoor activities (e.g. storytelling, painting) are also carried out in the outdoor area.   Providing educational resources outdoors gives children the opportunity to learn new information and skills through play.  It also teaches children that they can learn anywhere, not just in indoor learning spaces. Other activities such as gardening and messy play are also provided in the outdoor spaces of FES childcare centres.    

During outdoor play, children gain social skills by interacting, collaborating and negotiating with others. Children learn how to work together, how to make friends, how to share and cooperate, how to treat other people well. When children spend time indoors, they are often in smaller spaces and ​competing with other children for attention.  The environment can get loud and overwhelming, and some children may become intimidated and increasingly quiet while others become distressed. When children spend time outside, they generally feel less overwhelmed because they are not in a confined space and competing with others for attention.

At FES childcare centres, children benefit from the spacious outdoor play areas daily.  Children have the opportunity to run around, create games, explore the world around them and become independent.  Outdoor play also helps children improve their organizational and decision-making skills as they work both individually and with their peers to create games, solve problems and put their ideas into practice.   

We would love to welcome your children to come and enjoy all the amenities and resources available at our centres. In the meantime, we invite you to have a look at our centres through the virtual tours available here.