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Skolasajf 2019 Logo

​Every summer sees the return of Skolasajf, welcoming thousands of children for their eight week adventure. Fun, friends and fitness are more than just alliteration, but a staple of the summer programme that has become a fixture in a child’s annual diary.

To this aim, this year the Foundation for Educational Services invited children attending Klabb 3-16 to symbolise their idea
 of Skolasajf in a logo. The invitation was in the form of the Skolasajf Logo Competition which was open to all ages. The creative response produced 60 submissions, forming a kaleidoscope of colours and a display of vivid imagination.

1st Place

​The winning entry embodied the concept of children being the carers of Mother Earth, which in turn provides the environment where we all live. The idea of this winning entry was used to create a digital logo for Skolasajf 2019. Children from various parts of the world are seen hugging a smiling and green world, with the islands of Malta and Gozo taking the centre stage.
2nd Place

​The logo is underlined by a banner bearing this year’s theme, which is My Travel Journal. This statement will be proposing subthemes that will be dotting the lines of the various journeys and destinations in a child’s life.

The entries which placed in the first three places hailed from St Paul’s Bay, Victoria and M’Scala, in that order. The artists of these creations will be rewarded in a special ceremony which will be held in March 2019, with gifts kindly provided by SCAN.

3rd Place