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Memorandum of Understanding with Karl Vella Foundation

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed  between the Foundation for Educational Services and the Karl Vella Foundation, in the presence of H.E. Dr George Vella, the Minister for Education and Employment, Hon Evarist Bartolo, the Parliamentary Secretary for Sports, Youth and Voluntary Organisations Dr Clifton Grima M.P., and the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Education Dr Frank Fabri.

hrough this MOU, the Foundation for Educational Services is pledging to offer support that enables the Karl Vella Foundation to continue operating its services from the KVF Centre, within the grounds of the President’s Kitchen Garden.

Within this Centre, around 40 children find a nook of solace as they to put their worries behind them, and enjoy their lives as normal children. These are the same children who, during the rest of the week, are facing the impact of a serious illness or death of a close family. Their weekly visits to the KVF Centre enable them to receive educational and psychological support. This includes HW help and recreational activities, that bring them together as a group of peers going through a similar experience, while enjoying their childhood.

The Karl Vella Foundation employs 2 full-timers and 3 part-timers for the administrative side of things. The educational and creative aspect of the activities will be supported by the Foundation for Educational Service
s. Speaking about this contribution, the Chairperson of FES, Ms Elena Borg commented that when two entities collaborate, a very rewarding achievement can emerge.  This time the collaboration saw the emergence of a service that will help children and families during a particularly stressful period in their lives.  It is with great respect and appreciation of the work involved, that FES will work hand in hand with KVF, to offer a space of growth and healing for the children attending the Klabb 3-16 service at KVF. 

The children attending the service at the KVF Centre are between 5 years and 17 years of age. This cohort is similar to the one catered
for by the Klabb 3-16 service, currently in operation in 28 state primary schools. The FES CEO Mr Dermot Galea expressed his satisfaction at being able to reach these children through the Karl Vella Foundation, and enable them to experience the benefits of a non formal education during after-school hours. In this way, FES is continuing to re-enforce its social commitment to make the Klabb 3-16 service accessible to children from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

The co-founder and Chairperson of the Karl Vella Foundation, Ms Claire Chircop, talked about the stability brought in these children’s lives through the hours spent at the KVF Centre. The set-up and structure of the service will be strengthened thanks to the MOU with the Foundation for Educational Services, as it is providing additional help for the children's care plans when it comes to educational support and behavioural issues. This support will help in identifying any problems as early as possible, in order to provide the required support.