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​Klabb 3-16 is a national programme catering for learners during after school hours. It is an after school service which runs between school dismissal ti​me and 18:00 hours, subject to demand.

The service provided by Klabb 3-16, is also extended to offer service users an educational experience during school holidays. Only those service users whose parents/guardians are in employment or following a registered course are eligible to apply for the service during school holidays. During this period the service is offered from 07:00 hrs till 17:30 hours subject to the booking form issued by Head Office and demand for service.

This programme is offered in a number of schools around Malta and Gozo, so as to meet the needs of the families. The FES Klabb 3-16 Centres aim to c​reate an environment for all service users which:​

  • ​is immediately welcoming through warm, positive interaction between members of staff, service users, parents/guardians and visitors;
  • fosters a genuine sense of caring, security and well being;
  • encourages each service user to continue his/her journey of development and learning experience;
  • ensures that the service user’s physical necessities of health, safety, nutrition and quality care are protected through adherence to FES policies and procedures and common sense;
  • identifies the needs of the service users and their parents/guardians, and supports the family unity through responsive communication and programmes.

The programme consists of activities such as arts and crafts, drama and storytelling, physical education and games, cookery sessions, science experiments, activities related to technology, educational talks and workshops that are linked to  monthly themes.
Klabb 3-16 also offers a safe environment for children to do their homework. Qualified tutors, in possession of a teaching warrant, assist children in their homework and other academic work.
Klabb 3-16 centres in the mentioned localities open only if there is sufficient demand for the service.