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Primary Years




Date: ​8th April 2021
Chromatography Butterfly Experiment 
Objectives: Following Directions, Creativity Skills, Organization Skills, Keeping everything clean and neat, Exploring, Understanding Chromatography 

Description: In this Spring science experiment for kids, the students will be exploring chromatography (Separating mixtures). They will use coffee filters to separate the various pigments in markers and to see how each colour was created. Afterwards, they will turn the experiment into decorative butterflies.
Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Zurrieq. 

Date: ​6th April 2021
Flower Food Colouring Experiment
Objectives: observe and record observations, make predictions, reaching conclusions, summarise findings

Description :

Why did the petals change their colour?

Plants drink water from the ground up through their roots. The water travels up the stem and into the petals of the flower. Although the flowers don’t have roots anymore, they were still able to pull water up from the cup into the stem and up through the flower to the petals.

It is through capillary action that plants are able to defy gravity and pull water up and into their leaves and into the petals of the flower.

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 St. Paul's Bay

Video for this activity can be viewed by visiting the following link.​

Date: ​6th April 2021
Flower Changing Experiment
Objectives: creativity, predicting, observation skills 

Resources - reusable cups, food colouring, flowers, water

Description - Fill the cups with water and add a different food colouring to each cup. Then put a white flower in each cup and leave for a few days. Predict what will happen and observe your results.

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Victoria

Date: ​5th April 2021
Banana Sushi Rolls

Learning Objectives: Learning about healthy living especially through healthy eating habits. Children will be able to identify 7 different fruits and vegetables and learn about the benefits of including each one of these in one’s own diet. Children will also be able to learn to prepare a simple recipe that can be easily prepared for breakfast before school.

Resources Needed:  
1 medium-sized banana, 1 tortilla wrap, peanut butter, teaspoon and a knife.

This activity has been prepared by Sliema Klabb 3-16 Team.

Video on this activity can be viewed by visiting the following link​.

Date: ​5th April 2021
Crushing Can Science Experiment

This experiment is an impressive way to demonstrate the effect of air pressure under rapidly changing temperatures.

The can which is placed upside down collapses Because the steam cools and turns into water, which takes up much less space than steam. Since the can is submerged in water, no air can rush into fill in the space. The air outside the can exerts pressure on the can and it collapses.

The can which is place right side up does not collapse because air can easily enter tp take the place of steam. The pressure from inside is equal to the air pressure outside the can and nothing happens.
- Get 2 soda cans and put a small amount of water in each. Just enough to cover the bottom.
- Put the bottles on the frying pan and heat over high heat, until the water boils.
- While the water boils, get two big bowls of ice water ready. Use plenty of ice.
- Once the water is boiled, turn one of the cans upside down and place it into the ice water.
- With the other can, put in the ice water right side up.


Around 2 Aluminium soda cans
A frying pan
Parental supervision
2 bowls

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 St Julian's

Date: ​30th March 2021
Frozen Yoghurt Bark
Objectives: Cooking help to increase cognitive development such as problem solving and creativity. Cooking help to improve physical development such as fine motor skills and eye and hand coordination while chopping, spreading and mixing ingredients. Hands on cooking activities help children develop confidence and skill.​


In this cooking activity children will use healthy ingredients to make a healthy snack. This is very easy activity which can be made within few minutes, children for this activity only need to put some yogurt on a baking tray, then add some granola and fruit on top of the yogurt. After children need to put the baking tray inside the freezer.


  • Yogurt
  • Fresh fruit or frozen fruit
  • Honey
  • Vanilla extract
  • Granola

Activity prepared by Klabb 3-16 Rabat​

Date: ​30th March 2021
Making a Stress Ball
Objectives: Strengthening fine motor skills, Creativity, Self-control, and recycling

At some point in time during this pandemic, all of us have experienced some sort of stress. An activity which could be easily done at home is a DIY stress ball, which can be found useful when feeling stressed

Resources Required : 

Balloon, flour, funnel, empty plastic bottle, permanent marker, and wool

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Qormi SG

Date: ​29th March 2021
Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie
Objectives: explore senses and palate, making healthy choices, basic math skills 

Spinach Day was celebrated last Friday 26th March. 

In the video below Ms Nathalie shows us how to make a fresh and healthy Spinach & Strawberry Smoothie. Having the main ingredients in season, now is the time to try this smoothie​.

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Pembroke

Date: ​26th March 2021
Apple Doughnut Rings
Objectives: Cooking, Creativity

Resources Required: Chopping board, apple corer, piping tip, knife, spoon, bowl

Ingredients:  Apples, Greek Yoghurt/Peanut butter, Natural food coloring, nuts/sprinkles


Wash the apples and remove the core using the apple corer. Slice the apple into rings of about 1 cm thickness. Spread the coloured yoghurt on top and garnish to your liking. 

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Naxxar

Date: ​26th March 2021
Paper Roll Bunnies
Objectives: Promoting creativity and use of scissors.

Resources Needed:

  • Coloured cardboard paper or painted toilet paper roll
  • Polka dot scrapbook paper (dotted or design it yourself
  • Cotton ball
  • Google eyes
  • Raffia Grass 
  • Black pen
  • Tape
  • Scissors  
  • Crafts tape or double-sided tape​


Step 1:

Cut out 4 pieces from Solid coloured paper
1 x rectangle 6 inches x 4.5 inches tall
1 x circles about 2 inches across (or trace around a small drinking cup)
2 x half circles paws about 1 inch across 

Step 2:

Cut out 3 shapes from the polka dotted scrap book paper
2 ear shapes about 3 inches tall
1 nose about 1 inch across 

Step 3:

Figure out where the nose is going to go (middle of the bigger circle cut), then draw a small mouth using a black pen. 
Then, add 3 lines along the flat edge paw pieces
Make sure you let the ink to dry before touching it. It might smudge easily. 

Step 4:

Cut the raffia pieces:
6 strips around 4 inches long each.
Line up the raffia whiskers, cut a small piece of tape and wrap it around the middle of the whiskers to hold them together.

Step 5:

By using tape attach the raffia to the back of the polka dot nose and then to the middle of the larger circle.  Then attach the googly eyes

Step 6:

Attach the ears and the paws with tape to the back of the bunny’s face using tape. 

Step 7:

Roll the paper rectangle into a tube shape. You want it to be roughly the same size as a toilet paper roll. Make sure you add tape to the both the inside edge of the paper roll and the outside edge of the paper roll, so it sticks together well.

Step 8:

Add a long strip of crafter’s tape straight down the back of the middle of the face, then press it onto the bottom of the paper roll.
Then add about a 1/2″ strip of crafter’s tape at the top, middle of the paper roll and press on the white pom- pom.

Activity prepared by Ms. Monique Bugeja Klabb 3-16 Mosta

Date: ​25th March 2021
Rainbow in a Jar

Learning Objective:

To learn more about density. This experiment will help children understand that the more sugar added to each glass of water, the greater the density of the water. Children will also observe and understand that the denser the substance the more likely it will sink.


Step 1: Set out 4 glasses and pour 1/2 a cup of warm water into each glass and add 2 drops of food colouring to each of the 4 jars. Then you’re going to add 2 tablespoons of sugar in the red jar, 4 tablespoons of sugar in the yellow jar, 6 tablespoons of sugar in the green jar and 8 tablespoons of sugar in the blue jar. Using a spoon, you’re then going to stir the sugar until it dissolves. Lastly, you are going to add the glasses of water into a jar. You’re going to start by slowly pouring the blue water into the jar. Then gently pour the green water on top of the blue layer, the yellow layer on the blue and lastly the red layer. It is important that you add the layers slowly and carefully otherwise they’ll mix together which will result in a mixed rainbow.

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Zabbar

Kindly find below link to Facebook video to follow along!​

Date: ​24th March 2021
Cinnamon and Banana Cupcakes
Objectives: Practice of healthy eating habits, cooking skills

Type of Activity: Cooking

Prepared by Jody Scicluna : Klabb 3-16 Mellieha

Resources need: Ingredients, Bowls, utensils

Date: ​23rd March 2021
Garden paper craft 
Objectives: Enhance creativity, Learn to respect nature

scenic garden craft is created using materials found at home. 

Activity prepared by Klabb 3-16 Birzebbuga.

Date: ​15th March 2021
Salt Water Egg Experiment
Objectives: ​observation, making predictions, the concept of contrasting 

This science
experiment presents students with a question. A raw egg sinks in water, but can we increase water's density to make it float?

Prior to watching the presentation about the craft, one is encouraged to follow the short clip titled, Salt Water Egg Experiment.

Today’s activities were prepared by the staff at the Klabb 3-16 Attard Centre. 

Special thanks goes to Ms Claire Ann Scerri for the Floating Egg experiment​