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Early Years


Date: ​8th April 2021
Paper Plate Sunflower Craft Experiment 
Objectives: Observation, Instructional learning, Colour recognition, Creativity and Sensory. 
Description: This is a craft related to Spring colours and beautiful Spring flowers. It is a very simple and very easy to follow craft as it allows the children to be creative using recycled materials. First you have to paint the front of a paper plate using yellow non-toxic paint and cut a circle of bubble wrap at about the size of the inside of the paper plate and paint it black. Once the paint has dried, use the scissors to ma​ke slits around your paper plate to make petals and glue the painted bubble wrap. finish the sunflower by gluing the green popsicle stick at the bottom of your paper plate as a stem, using non-toxic glue. 

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Zurrieq

Date: ​6th April 2021
Paper Handprint Bunny Craft
Objectives: creativity, scissor skills, self-expression

Coloured A4 paper,

Description : This is a craft related to Easter. It is very simple and allows the students to be creative by using their handprints. Very simple to follow.

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Victoria

Date: ​5th April 2021
World Health Day – Awesome Apple Craft

Learning Objectives: Learning about a healthy lifestyle especially through healthy eating habits. Children will be able to learn about the benefits of eating an apple a day whilst learning to follow steps and at the same time being creative in preparing a simple, yet awesome craft related to World Health Day.
Resources Needed:
Recycled cardboard paper, colours, scissors, tape and a small piece of string.

This activity has been prepared by Sliema Klabb 3-16 team

Video related to this activity can be watched by visiting​

Date: ​5th April 2021
Puppy Craft
We will recognize the unconditional love puppies give us and the joy they bring into our lives. The goal is to encourage us to adopt an orphaned puppy and give it a loving home rather than buy a puppy from a pet- shop..

We will make a puppy of our own so that we can practice how to take care of it so that one day we would be great dog owners.

The children will learn to appreciate their puppy who loves them unconditionally. They will also learn how to take care of it properly/
The children will also be encouraged to adopt a puppy..


Coloured paper
White cardboard,
Colours/markers/ paint/glue

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 St Julian's​

Date: ​30th March 2021
Monkey Cookies
• Half a Banana
• 1 cup Oats (and some extra just in case)
• Teaspoon honey

• Bowl
• Chopping board
• Knife
• Fork
• Spoon
• Baking dish with some parchment paper

1. Cut half the banana into slices and place in a bowl
2. Mash the banana with a fork until soft
3. Add the oats slowly and mix, then add the honey
4. If the mixture is still wet add some more oats
5. Roll out the mixture into balls and flatten out
6. Transfer them into the baking dish
7. Bake for 5-7 minutes (keep an eye as they bake super fast)

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Rabat

Date: ​30th March 2021
Making Playdough
Objectives: Children will learn how basic cooking ingredients can be used to make play dough while bolstering math learning, creative thinking, and sensory and fine-motor development.
Resources Required :

• mixing bowl
• measuring cup
• measuring spoons
• mixing spoon
• play dough tools: cookie cutters, rolling pin
• ingredients to make play dough, Flour, Salt, oil, water, food colour

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Qormi SG​

Date: ​29th March 2021
Paper Roll Turkey
Objectives: Reusing of materials, animal appreciation, fine motor skills 
Enjoy doing this Paper Roll Turkey craft

Apart from the lovely craft, let’s encourage our minors to reuse goods from home before buying new stuff.

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Pembroke

Date: ​26th March 2021
Fingerprint Art
Objectives: Creativity, Sensory, Artistic
Resources Required
  • White paper,
  • Watercolours/paint,
  • Marker,
  • Apron


Create different artistic shapes by dipping your fingers in different colours and pressing your fingers on the white paper. When the prints are dry, use the marker to add details to your creations. 

Prepared by Klabb 3-16 Naxxar​

Date: ​26th March 2021
Paper Spring Dog
Objectives: Creativity and Fun, General Knowledge, Motor Skills
Resources Needed:
• Construction
• paper (we used 9×12)
• Tape
• Glue stick
• Googly eyes


Step 1: Pick two colors of construction paper to start with and cut two strips of equal size from each color going lengthwise. You will be taping the strips together to make one long strip. I ended up with one long strip of black and one long strip of white paper. Feel free to pick whatever colors strike your fancy.
Step 2: Now it is time to connect the two strips. Glue one strip on top of another until you have an upside-d​own . In my case, I glued my white strip on top of my black strip. Then I folded over the black strip and folded over the white strip over that. You will keep doing this until you have started to make a spring pattern.
Step 3: When you get to the end, you can just glue the last ends down. You will be left with something that looks like this which will be the body of your animal.
Step 4: Cut some eyes, a nose and a mouth out of construction paper. I used oval shapes for the ears, a circle shape for the nose and an anchor shape for the mouth.
Step 5: You will glue those on a larger oval that you have cut out for the head. Since we were making a black and white dog, I used white construction paper for the head and black paper for the facial features. Add some googly eyes.

Step 6: Glue the head on one end of the spring.

Activity prepared by Mr. Keaurien Ellul Mosta Klabb 3-16

Date: 25th March 2021
Name: Sock Bunny
Learning Objective:

With this activity children will have the opportunity to express their self with the use of one of the creative arts that is “art”. In addition, children will get to use their creative and imagination skills to decorate and make the bunny look more realistic and nicer while having fun making it. Furthermore, this activity will help children to learn about different materials that can be found at home. With this activity children will be using their fine motor skills as they will be using different types of grasps to create the sock bunny. In addition, children will have the opportunity to develop their literacy skills as they will have the opportunity to hear a story related to the Easter bunny. This will help children to get familiar with certain new words. To conclude, children will have the opportunity to use their gross motor skills as they will be participating in an Eater related game.


Children will have the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination when making the sock bunny. In addition, this type of activity gives the opportunity to children to make a soft toy by themselves without the hazard of sewing. Furthermore, the materials that are being used to make the activity can be found at the comfort of the children’s home as the resources are recycled. Also, children will have the opportunity to discover that with simple materials they can create something that is fun for them. This type of activity can also be done with the children’s parents at home. To conclude this type of activity is easy and fun to do.
To start the activity children will hear a story about the “Easter bunny”. For the main activity children will have the opportunity to create a bunny with just simple resource such as a sock. Furthermore, children also can use their creativity and imagination to decorate the sock bunny. To conclude, the activity children will play a game of “pin the tail on the bunny” that is a game like pin the tail on the donkey

Activity prepared by : Klabb 3-16 Zabbar

Kindly find below link to Facebook video to follow along!

Date: ​24th March 2021
Name: Flowerpot handprint Painting​ 
Objectives: ​Creativity, expression, fine motor skills

Resources: Paper, Paint, Black crayon/pencil, Paint brush 

Prepared by Eliza Cini Klabb 3-6 Mellieha

​Date: ​23rd March 2021
Healthy homemade cereal bars
Objectives: Developing a sense of measurement, Practicing healthy eating at home 


  • 2 cups cereal 
  • 6 tbsp almond butter or peanut butter 
  • 6 tbs​p brown rice syrup or maple syrup 
  • Baking tray 
  • Bakin​​g paper 
  • Mixing bowl 
  • Wooden spoon 

Activity prepared by Klabb 3-16 Birzebbuga.​

Date: ​22nd March 2021
Monster Balloon
Objectives: Imagination, Creativity skills, Fine motor skills

Description of activity: 

  1. Draw a monster face on a balloon, pour vinegar in a plastic bottle; 
  2. Put some baking soda in the balloon using a funnel and put it over the bottle, making sure that no baking soda is falling in the vinegar by twisting the balloon. 
  3. Untwist the balloon, making the baking soda fall and due to the reaction, the balloon will fill up with air and our monster will gain life. 


  • Empty bottle 
  • baking soda 
  • vinegar 
  • balloon 
  • marker

Playworker: Mr. Brandon Salerno 
Klabb 3-16 Ham​run 

Date: ​15th March 2021
Cow Milking Activity
Objectives: creativity, fine motor skills, role play, awareness about nature

Why is milk the first food substance that we drink? Why do we buy milk in a carton? From where does it come?

Prior to watching the presentation about the craft, one is encouraged to follow the short clip titled, HOW MILK IS MADE. 

Today’s activities were prepared by the staff at the Klabb 3-16 Attard Centre. 

Special thanks goes to Ms Kim Vella for the Cow Milking activity