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FAQ's - Skolasajf 2021 Recruitment

What is the duration of Skola Sajf?
Skolasajf for the children will start on the 12th July till the 3th September 2021.  The contract for Skolasajf for staff begins from the 8th July since training will be organised throughout that week. Staff are also given the opportunity to work throughout the bridge holidays from the 6th September till the 24th September.

How will I know that I have been chosen? 
You will first receive an email with the result and ranking obtained. Following this you will receive a placement request with a date for contract signing.

What if I do not like the location where I am placed?
Should you decide that you want an alternative placement you need to send an email to with a list of preferred localities. By doing so you would have lost the placement given to you.  However kindly keep in mind that placements are done according to ranking and according to the needs of the centre.

How many hours of Vacation leave do I have?
Leave accumulates pro-rata according to the hours worked. However if you work through all the core hours for the full eight weeks there will be an average of 16 hours of leave entitlement.

How old do I have to be to apply?
All employees need to be 18 years of age by the beginning of Skolasajf. If you are still 17 but will be 18 years of age by the 13
th July 2020, you need to apply through the call for playworkers Skolasajf  2020 (for those who will be 18 years of age by the beginning of Skolasajf).

I cannot work from the beginning of Skola Sajf ? Can I still apply?
We suggest that  you apply just the same and send an email to with your details and the dates that you cannot work. However kindly keep in mind that placements are first given to those who can work the full eight weeks.
Moreover we will be issuing a late call for those applicants who will be interested to work the last 4 weeks of Skola Sajf.

I wish to apply for Skola Sajf, however I will be going abroad for two weeks in mid-Summer ? Can I still apply from now ?
We don’t suggest that you apply from now, once you return back from your trip, you may apply if the Skola Sajf calls are still open.

How many sick leave days I am entitled to?
Sick leave like Vacation leave is pro-rata and accumulates depending on the amount of hours worked.

What is the sick leave procedure?
If you are sick and cannot report to work , it is important to email or call the centre coordinator informing him/her of the matter as early as possible, so that the centre coordinator would be in time to do alternative arrangements.  You are also to send an email to the HR Department on informing them of your sickness and of the address where you will be staying during your sickness.  It is important to submit a blue medical  certificate on your return to work to the centre coordinator / PER. The FES reserves the right to send the doctor to any sick employee. If the employee is not at home s/he has to provide proof that at the time the employee was at the doctor. If no proof is provided, the sick leave will not be paid.

Is it possible to resign from the contract during Skolasajf?
You are bound by a definite contract of eight weeks. Ideally you work all of it since if you resign, it will affect negatively the operations of the centre.  Should you still require to resign, kindly note that you need to provide one week notice, so to give enough time for a replacement to be found.