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FAQ's - Skolasajf

What is Skolasajf?
Skolasajf is an 8 week programme for children between 3 and 16 years of age, offered during the summer holidays. The service is not offered on public holidays and weekends.

What are the Skola Sajf hours of operation?
The core hours are from 08:30hrs until 12:30hrs. These hours are available at all of our centres around Malta and Gozo. Selected centres around the islands offer extended hours of service for working parents only, between 07:00hrs – 08:30hrs, and 12:30hrs – 17:30hrs. The centres are listed on the application form. 

How will I know that the applications are available?
Applications will be distributed to all primary school children attending State Schools. Parents/guardians are encouraged to
visit the Foundation for Educational Services’ Facebook Page or website for regular updates.

How can I apply?
Interested parents/guardians can either apply through the online portal​, through any Maltapost branch or at the One Stop Shop in Floriana.

Is there a break during Santa Maria’s week?
Skolasajf will be open throughout Santa Maria week; however, service will not be offered on the 15th August.

My child has an LSA during scholastic year. Can I still apply?
Yes. Skolasajf is an inclusive summer school. FES provides the service of a child support worker (CSW), who will assist to the child’s individual needs. The service of a child support worker is against the Statementing Report Number at application level and the presentation of the Statementing Report, the Individual Educational Programme (IEP) and the Psychological Report to the centre coordinator. The allocation of Child Support Workers (CSW) will be at the discretion of FES. Every case will be taken into consideration individually. The services of CSWs are offered during Skolasajf.

How do I inform you that my child needs a CSW?
The Statementing Board Report Number needs to be written down on the application form. Failure to do so may result in the child not being allocated a CSW and/ or termination of service. All the necessary documents will need to be presented to the Centre Coordinator at the start of service.  

Is the fee refundable?
No refunds will be given for the registration fee.

Are there any other fees?
If you book your child/ren for extended hours of service. The service is offered to working parents only, and the fee is of €0.80 to the hour.

Can I apply in two centres?
We do not suggest that children are enrolled in two different centres since we believe that children benefit more if a good relationship with the staff and other children in their centre is established for the whole eight weeks of the Skolasajf programme.

How are children grouped?
Children are grouped according to the date of birth.  For smaller centres, children are grouped up to a maximum of two (2) years per class.

What activities will my child/ren be doing?
Children attending the Skolasajf programme engage in a structured programme of activities that range from arts and crafts, games and sports, amateur dramatics, storytelling and singing, and cookery. There are also a number of educational talks and outings, organised in collaboration with a number of stakeholders. Each activity and outings is tailored according to the age group of the children. Fees for outings which include entrance fees and transport will be borne by parents.

What is the theme for Skola Sajf 2019?
The theme for Skolasajf 2019 is ‘My Travel Journal’​.

Can the remaining balance of payment made during Klabb 3-16 in winter be carried forward to Skolasajf?The remaining balance cannot be used to pay for registration fee of Skolasajf but it can be used during the extra hours of service in the afternoon. Balance needs to be used within a year of payment. ​