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FAQ's - Klabb 3-16

What is Klabb 3-16?
Klabb 3-16 is a national programme which runs throughout the academic year, from Monday to Friday between school dismissal time and 18:00 (subject to demand). The service provides care during out of school hours and school holidays, where needed.  Klabb 3-16 caters for children who attend State, Church and Independent schools, and is offered from 30 localities around Malta and Gozo. 

How can I apply?
Kindly visit​ to apply online.

What if my child does not go to a government school? Can we still apply?
Klabb 3-16 service is offered to all children in the state and non-state sector. However, children who require the service earlier than the official time, can avail themselves of the service ONLY if at least 2 staff members of Klabb 3-16 are available at the requested time. All parents/guardians of service users attending a different school from where the service is offered must fill in the Early and Late Admission form and sign it. This form explains to parents/guardians that Klabb 3-16 staff is responsible for their children once the child enters the school and identifies himself/herself with a member of staff within the Klabb 3-16.

If the school does not offer Klabb 3-16 what shall I do?
If your school does not offer the Klabb 3-16 service, parents can apply in any other convenient Klabb 3-16 centre and make arrangements accordingly.

Do you accept children who are not 3 years old?
Klabb 3-16 accepts children who are eligible for Kindergarten.

What type of activities are organised during Klabb 3-16?
During Klabb 3-16, children are encouraged to participate in various non-formal activities. The programme provides engaging activities to reinforce learning during after school hours. The daily schedule includes a break for snack time and unstructured play, followed by quiet time for homework or reading.

Are the siblings of children who already attend Klabb 3-16 given priority in a waiting list?
All children are kept on a waiting list. FES ensures that adequate human resources are in place and that adult-child ratios are respected before accepting children to the service.

When does Klabb 3-16 operate?
Klabb 3-16 runs throughout the scholastic year, Mondays to Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays). The general public is encourage to keep following the Foundation's facebook page​ for further updates in this regard. 

During school days, service runs between school dismissal time and 18:00 subject to demand.

During school holidays the service is also offered from 07:00 till 17:30 subject to the booking form issued by Head Office and parents/guardians demand. Service during the holidays is offered to families where both parents/guardians are in employment or are following a certified training programme.  Proof of employment and training programme time-tables are to be provided to the centre coordinator.

Can children who attend secondary school come to Klabb 3-16?
Yes, children up to 16 years of age are eligible to apply for the service.

Are there any fees for the service?
The fee is that of €0.80 to the hour for every hour the child is attending Klabb 3-16. As a guide example, should the child be picked up after more than 2 hours, the parent is required to pay for a full 3 hours.