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Terms and Conditions

  • Children aged between 3 months and 3 years are eligible to attend our child care centres. Once children turn 3 years, they become eligible to kindergarten. There are two kindergarten intakes in a year which occur during the first week of February and first week of October. Children who turn 3 years between 1st January and 30th April have to make the transition to Kindergarten in the February intake of that year. Children who turn 3 years between 1st May and 31st December are to move on to Kindergarten in the October intake of that year.

  • In case that we cannot contact you on the telephone numbers provided, please give details of one or two people who could be contacted. Attach a copy of the person’s ID card.
  • By submitting this application you are giving your permission for the opportune first aid treatment to your child to be administered by qualified staff members. While understanding that you would be contacted by a progamme personnel as soon as reasonably possible regarding any emergency involving your child, you are giving your permission for your child to be transported to hospital or any other emergency medical facility in the occurrence of a serious illness or injury, where ambulance or rescue squad members would be authorised to administer all necessary treatments. You are also giving your authorization for warranted health practitioners to examine and provide the necessary emergency medical treatment to your child in your absence.