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The Foundation for Educational Services (FES) is a public entity within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation.​ It works concurrently with the Education Directorates to provide a range of innovative educational initiatives to​ meet the needs of the community. The FES is committed to ensuring that all service users are supported through informal educational initiatives. It strives to offer quality educational services through structured contemporary programmes, financial sustainability and ethical behaviour. Together we provide a safe environment and an enriching experience to our​ learners, their families and all stakeholders.

Our Vision Statement
 Our Mission Statement

Core Values

​Inv​​olvement ​​To aim towards the widest possible involvement and facilitate an educational pathway to all our service users.
​Person-Centred Approach ​To strive for a person-centered approach that recognizes individual needs.
​Effectiveness & Efficiency ​To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our work through evidence-based practice.
​Transparency & Accountability ​To ensure transparency and accountability in all operations of the organization.
​Integration ​To ensure the integration of diversity issues into all aspects of our work.
​Green Practice ​To integrate environmentally friendly measures into daily practice. 
Sustainibility ​To ensure that the services offered are sustainable as per established time frame.​
Strategic Targets

he Entity aspires to be a leading stakeholder in the provision of non-formal education in line with National Policies. Specifically, the strategic orientation and objectives of the entity are:
  • ​To provide a high quality, affordable, national after school service in Malta and Gozo complementary to formal schooling.
  • To provide quality childcare service.
  • To raise the profile of the Foundation for Educational Services as a leading service provider in non-formal education.
  • To collaboratively work with local and international organisations having similar goals to the foundation.
  • To explore possible collaboration with the local communities and potential stakeholders in order to strengthen service provision.

Services offered:

Childcare centres offer quality childcare services in order to support and strengthen the family unit, guided by the underlying principle that the family is the best environment for personal growth. The main aim of the centres is to offer a personalised service of quality care for all children.

Klabb 3-16
is an after-school hours’ care service for school-age children, and provides care during school holidays where needed in 30 centres. There is a planned programme of activities on offer where children can first do their homework, play and then participate in various activities. The service provides a safe, stimulating environment with appropriate adult supervision and facilitation during non-school hours.

Skolasajf is offered during summer and caters for school-age children aged between 3-16 years. It extends the hours usually provided by Klabb 3-16 to offer an educational experience for children during school holidays. This programme is offered in 63 Skolasajf centres around Malta and Gozo to meet the demands of the families.